The Better Choice

International Export

Cutting Edge:

Being located in Los Angeles California has brought us a lot of benefit. Los Angeles has one of the biggest ports in the world, and most shipments from overseas arrive here. The Los Angeles port has the lowest freight charge than all other ports.

Container freight charges from China to Panama is higher than China to Los Angeles. Freight charges from Orient is less expensive for than the New York port, which gives us the advantage in landed cost for products and allows us to be the main player for distribution compared to other parts of the country. This trend allows us to have very competitive prices and increased buying power.

Retailers and importers of other countries will not have the advantages we have. Their lack of ability to buy in such large quantities render us as the number one choice.

American brand products and American license products have better quality which can increase the sales of any retailer or wholesaler. Since we carry a large varieties of the Branded and License products, international buyers have interest in purchasing our products.

Our management and combined experience in sales over the years has allowed us to be the pioneers of the export business.

After so much trial and error we know how to consolidate our shipments and arrange the best freight charges. We maximize the usable space in our containers and trucks for shipping overseas. We have been shipping products all over the world in countries such as: Mexico, Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Orogue, Prague, Islands, Hawaii, Europe, middle east, and many more. In order to be efficient in shipments we use all kinds of methods as we distribute our products.

A common fallacy about American merchandise being more expensive than other countries exists. American merchandise is not only cheaper but also of better quality than any other country. For example, American merchandise uses plastic and is machine-produced therefore less labor intensive. Other countries have a freight charge that is higher than the product itself.

American products are cheaper this year than nations whose money has become more valuable in relation to the dollar. The downturn of this year is different than those of 80’s or 90’s. Due to the momentum that has built up in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East by addressing their market needs, it would be foolish to miss this opportunity to expand internationally today. This enthusiasm in other countries opens a door to those who can take advantage and deliver the American products in various markets internationally.

Finally, your search is over at Wholesale, we are America's # 1 one stop and shop for international business. The American made merchandise is a lot cheaper and a lot more affordable. There is no question about the quality and reliability of our products. Every importer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and reseller knows that American merchandise is a major contributor in boosting their bottom line. Our international customers were not able to accomplish this before because of high cost of American products but now the price of these products are very competitive in the global market.

The Dollar Value

The value in the US Dollar has made many economists in the world worry, but this is great news for our international customers. As the dollar falls to an all-time low against the major currencies, more opportunities are created for business owners throughout the world. As the value of the dollar lessens, it makes U.S. produced goods cheaper and more competitive when compared to foreign produced goods. For years we have been successful in exporting. Over 70% of our business involves exporting to other countries and nowadays we are going to see the highest benefit from the value of dollar. What is happening in the economy is having direct effect in increasing the demand for our merchandise and product reduction. The increase of oil prices has increased the income of oil producing countries such as the Middle East, Venezuela, and Mexico. This event had direct increase in the middle class and affordability. Also technology and education has increased the income of other countries such as China, India, Vietnam. It has led to a positive effect by increasing the overall demand in American merchandise.

Our Export Market

Our representatives and management have over 250 years of combined experience in exporting merchandise all over the world. We have exported to all 6 continents. As for Asia: Middle East countries like Dubai, UAE, Lebanon, Sadie Arabia, Syria, Korea china, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. North America: Canada, Mexico, Caribbean island South and Central America: Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Panama Europe: England, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece Eastern Europe Russia, Ukraine, Romania Africa: Kenya, Morocco South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, American and Western Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Guam, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea

Some of the countries mentioned above also have free ports (free trade zone). Our customers benefit tremendously from these free zones. To name just a few zones here is a list of those countries: Argentina- Zona Franca La Plata, Bermuda- Free port of Hamilton Harbor, Hamilton, Brazil- Zona Franca de Manaus, Chile Iquique, Dominican Republic- Mega Port of Punta Caucedo, Nicaragua- Managua Zona Franca (Free Port) Panama- Colón, Uruguay- Carrasco International Airport (Free Port) Zona Franca de Montevideo Zona Franca Colonia.

Who Are We?

A company with vast experience in import and export! Over 250 years of combined experience. We specialize in merchandise which can be retailed for dollar stores in The United States of America as well as other countries throughout the world. We buy and import merchandise from different parts of the world. Not only do we import merchandise, but over 50% of our inventory is American branded merchandise which is manufactured and made in America.

Our Line of Merchandise

We carry wide variety line of merchandise of all departments for your wholesale business or your store. Some anchor categories include: Apparel, automotive, canned food and beverages, candies, cleaning products, disposables, electronics, health and beauty supplies, footwear, glassware, hardware, kitchen and dining, gift and novelty, stationeryitems, pet products, etc…

Branded Merchandise

Other than imported merchandise, we carry a wide variety of American brand merchandise (each country has different rules and regulations for importing the branded merchandise and you have to know all the regulations before importing certain items to your country, please check with your customs or port authority for more information).

Why should I buy imported or Chinese merchandise from Los Angeles?

In our experience, so many customers ask us over and over why they should buy the imported merchandise from wholesale, isn’t that cheaper to buy from China directly and cut out the middle man and the cost?

Why it is more reasonable to buy from us:

A. Expertise: Our experience in export gives us the tools to make us the experts in purchasing and in avoiding costly mistakes. Due to our research we know of all the items that will not sell. The customer may not be aware of those items and our experience is the only way of eliminating the mistake.

B. Shipping Hub is the key to keeping expenses manageable. Los Angeles is the depot of merchandise, and for this reason the freight charges to Los Angeles is more reasonable in so many cases compared to other countries.

C. Negotiation Power: Because of our buying power we are able to buy and get better price on quantity compared to others.

D. Variety and ability to consolidate: We have over 50,000 items in stock and customer needs to buy varieties of merchandise to sell. You have the advantage to load your container with vastly different items. We have occasionally seen customers have 500 to 1,000 items in one container. It is impossible to achieve this variety in any other country. We enable our customers to buy from a very deep selection of products all in the same place:

E. Cost Factor: Even if you are able to buy directly then the cost of importation and freight is very expensive. Filing for customs and release for each item is so inflated that it makes it practically impossible, but when you buy several products in one shipment then the filing for the release of customs and freight will be much more affordable.

F. Simple: Importing merchandise into The United States of America is easy and there is not much custom duty on out items. Sometimes it is even duty free for preferred countries therefore you are not being taxed double. In some cases, the import duty is ~2%. For example: for a $0.50 item, the duty is $0.01…which is so minimal.

Who we sell to?

We sell to a wide variety of customers other than importers and distributors. We sell to retailers directly such as: large chain stores, small chains, independent stores, department stores, dollar stores, variety stores, discount stores, grocery chains, independent grocery stores, supermarkets, liquor stores, distributors, wholesalers, importers, jobbers, gift stores, stationery stores, hardware stores and others.