Our Customers

Our Customers

Variety Of Products:

We offer over 50,000 item in so many category and department and that is making us to sale to wide variety of the trade and business

Export and Domestic:

Not only we are sallying domestically in USA but we are exporting all over the word in so many countries such as Mexico, Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Japan and so many more……..

Our experience management and sales force have been experience enough to sale some of the China store such as Wal-Mart Mexico, 99 Cent Only Store, Marshal, Ross, Home Goods, T-J max, Walgreen, At Home, Big lots, Burlington, Commercial Mexicana, DD'S Dollar Tree, Marc's Michaels's, Long Drug Store, Family dollar, General Dollar, and so many other chain.

Different Trade:

We sales to other trade such as wholesalers, Distributors, Exporters, Florist, Discount Stores, Drug stores, Dollar Stores, Gift Store, Apparel, Hardware Store, Pet Store, Toy Store, Super Market, Liquor Store, Mini market, AM PM Store, Convenient Store, Variety Store, Sporting Goods, Home Goods, Novelty Store, Party Goods…………

So many customers their biggest challenges is acquiring product from so many different sources which make them to spend hours for sourcing and ending up to pay thousand of dollar fore shipping their merchandise to their store, that make us to be on top of their list since we can make one purchase and one shipping freight from one location to their store which save them so much time in purchasing and saving them thousand of dollar ins freight charges.