Our Marchandising

Our Merchandising

We offer over 50,000 different product from all over the world and mainly its made in America and China.

DollarItem.com supply merchandise for all kind of trade and since we have merchandise for over 800 categories it enable us to supply so many different trade it is hardly any retail store which we don’t product for them, such as Distributors, Wholesale of general merchandise and retailers in different sector such as Dollar Store, Discount Store, Variety Store, Supermarkets, Big Buck Stores, Gift Store, Pet Store, Party Supplies, Toy Stores, Hardware Stores, Florist, Flower Supplies, Drug Stores, AM PM Stores, Convenient Stores, Clothing Stores, Catering, Party Planners, Web Site Operators, Online Stores, and so many more….

We are focus in clear and color glass vases we import over 2,000 different item in Glass Vase category and supply most of wholesaler in that trade of florist, floral supplies, party planners, catteries…..…

Since American made product is so much in demand and domestically and abroad we carry so many different branded American products in so many different category of merchandise  such as Tide, Crayola, Snapple, Sony, Energizer, Heinz, Palmolive, Clorox, Panasonic, Gatorade, Pepsi, Suave, Olay, Coca Cola, Betty Corker, Nescafe, Nestle, Pringles, Colgate, Dove, Brawny, C&H, Pedigree, Tylenol, Alive, Aspirin, Lipton, Kraft, Del Monte, Maxell, Pam, Rogue, Bertolli, V8, A1, Wesson, Halls, Kool-Aids, Trident, Wrigley Gum, Charmin, Skippy, Lays, 7 up, Shasta, M&M, Hershey’s, Snickers, Twix, Hunts, and so much more…….