RWhy Buy From Us

The 250 years of combine experience of management in importing, Exporting, Merchandising, Sales, warehousing, financing  makes us cable of handling all kind of customer in all kind of trade.

We offer over 50,000 item which make us on stop shop for all your merchandising need, you able to fill your store with one purchase and one shipment which save you time and freight charges and best prices wit best qualify service.

Retailer has experience storing braded American  merchandise and License product has increased sales and profitability and wide variety of your braded and license product has help them to achive that.

For us being located in los Angeles Californian has bring us lot of benefit, since los Angeles has one of the biggest port in the world and most of shipment from overseas would land in Los Angeles for being distributed across the USA has brought the freight charges to lowest for Los Angeles com[are to any other port, which enabling us to be more competitive than others and has increased our buying power which reduce our landed cost.

We at supply merchandise for all kind of trade and since we have merchandise for over 800 categories it enable us to supply so many different trade , such as Distributors, Wholesale of general merchandise and retailers in different sector such as Dollar Store, Discount Store, Variety Store, Supermarkets, Big Buck Stores, Gift Store, Pet Store, Party Supplies, Toy Stores, Hardware Stores, Florist, Flower Supplies, Drug Stores, AM PM Stores, Convenient Stores, Clothing Stores, Catering, Party Planners, Web Site Operators, Online Stores, and so many more….

Since American made product is so much in demand and domestically and abroad we carry so many different branded American products in so many different category of merchandise  such as Tide, Crayola, Snapple, Sony, Energizer, Heinz, Palmolive, Clorox, Panasonic, Gatorade, Pepsi, Suave, Olay, Coca Cola, Betty Corker, Nescafe, Nestle, Pringles, Colgate, Dove, Brawny, C&H, Pedigree, Tylenol, Alive, Aspirin, Lipton, Kraft, Del Monte, Maxell, Pam, Rogue, Bertolli, V8, A1, Wesson, Halls, Kool-Aids, Trident, Wrigley Gum, Charmin, Skippy, Lays, 7 up, Shasta, M&M, Hershey’s, Snickers, Twix, Hunts, and so much more…….


The retail sector always benefited and increased the sales by caring license product in their store and we do supply lot of license products such as, Super Man, Batman, Barney, Disney, Barbie, X-Men, Crayola, Fisher-Price,Turtles, Hot Wheel, Little Katie, Mermaid, Pokémon, Tweedy, Sesame Street, Playskool, Hello Kitty, Hulk,


One of biggest advantages we have is we are one stop shop the biggest challenge for any retailer is how to buy all the need of produce and how to minimize the number of supplier for minimizing their freight charges which adds up to thousand of dollar buying from us make it simple and easy one purchase and one shipment for all your needs of product it does not matter the size of your store from 500 square feet to 40,000 square feet we at are able to fill out your store and you watch your cash register and watch your product movement instead of wasting time in purchasing and managing shipment from different sources.

Our experience sales team can provide you with best service and mix of merchandise for all kind of department in your store, Our experience traffic managers can help you to get the choice of freight charges either by trucks , Air, vessel.